Trucking Company

These pictures are from a Trucking Company.  North Florida Communications provided:


Vertical/Vodavi XTS-IP Telephone System

     70+ Phones

     3 Call Centers

Network Equipment Room

     5 Racks

     175+ Phone/Network Cables

     Fiber feed to Shop, 1000' away



The two-post racks on the right are for the network cabling and switches.

IMG 0956


The 4-post racks on the left house the servers and UPSs.  These racks were equipped with shelves to accommodate the older servers.  All new servers will be rack-mountable.

IMG 0959


Here is the Vertical/Vodavi XTS-IP phone system and wiring.

IMG 0963


We installed an additional rack for the Security guy to put his video system on.

IMG 0962

Jacksonville (904)562-2100
Gainesville (352)260-0100
Ocala (352)547-3230